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to start with meteorologist steve fertig with a look at where hurricane irene is noww.. and when it will arrive here. 3 3 3 3 maps-liberty-back to maps 3 mandatory evacuations are in place for ocean city... ahead of hurricane irene. roughly 200-thousand people are being told to get out... as the storm moves in closer to the coast.hurricane conditions are possible on saturday night into sunday along the coast from the delmarva peninsula to the southern new england coast. this morning megan giililand is in ocean city.... megan? megan? 3 3 3 thank you megan... our team coverage continues now ith patrick mcmurtry in kill devil hills along the outer banks.hi patrick. 3 3 3 ((ad lib...)) baltimore is also preparing for possible flooding from hurricane irene...they are handing out sandbags to folks who need them... all morning long. fells point to show us how you can take a few simple steps to stay safe. safe.take a look at 3 3 - chat 3 latest on hurricane irene.we have continuing coverage as she makes herrway through maryland.saturday you can join us at 7-30 p-m and again for fox45
globallgrowwh. at the greetings and readings book store in hunt valley...owner steve bbum says this all meann banks will have an even tighter leash on lanss in turn... he along with ther small usiness owners... will have aatough ttme expanding any ttme soon. "if the banks don't lend to small businesses, i can't grow, if i can't get money to open up nother store, another situation"d mean 50-60 more -3 some good news this morning...the july jobs repprt pas also just released ... t shows the economy created 117-thousand jobs last month. june...making the unemployment rate dip o 9-point--1 percent. a controverrial decision... in the case of several baltimore &ppolice officers... accused in the fatal shooting of a fellow offiier... and another man. baltimore's top prosecutor, greg bernstein, says there's simply not enough evidence to prosecute the four officers who fired those ssots... and says he beliives they acted responsibly during a chaotii situation. situation. the shootiig happened back in january... after officers responded to a report of a fight. when police arrrved
is hhre with the detaill. we begin with news from americannidol. idol. judge stevee tyler is asking for a raiss aater hearing about jnnifer lopez's deal.lopez is in the final stage of negotiating a ddal worth up to twenty million bucks to come back for the new reportedly worth ten million a - year. "american idol"" returnss or its eleventh 3 season in jaauary. january. chat-sources-steven is halfway through a two-year deal, and is management has asked forrmore moneywas just as sensational and as popular oo the panel as jenniffr. side, show bosses argue he's tied into a deal and has tt ssick to t." more drama... this timm behindd most popular shows - turned mov. movie. america's favorite gym teacher didn't make the cut in the new "glee" flick.despite appearing in the fill's ttailer... janee lynch's chhracter... sue sylvester-...will not be in "glee: the 3-d oncert movie" pue ouu friday.creator ryan murphy madeethe annouucement to cass members before saturday's premier.lynch will the film... to e released at a later ate. 3 chat-alter ego at emmys there's nn drama on se
this week. you're with the details on his --internaaional wn otspott- smooth jazz super star steve cole headlines the baltimooe music festival --the event is also sshool suuply fundraiser fundraiser the baltimore music ffstival issat centerstage on saturday. poors open at 6pm..or more baltimore dot ccm slash morning. patrice's pugs!luding -ne to &ppugs!coming up... planking... seymour. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 2)) ((addlib...))---video friday of a planking pug. 3 ((patrice's lib...)) 3 maps-fiber- mmps-liberty- maps from summer fun... to school year cool. cool.the latest back to school mainnain.we'll reveal some great styles for all next. you'reewatching foxx 45 good day baltimore. ((break 3)) 3 club" starting monday. wars, violence, natural disasters, economic chaos, threats to privacy and security. were these events foretold centuries ago? what ancient prophetic writings say is coming next... pat robertson teaches on the signs of the times: we are here with callxto blount of salon seleetra suites. he joined us in our 8 o''lock an
disaster assistance. meteorologist steve fertig is tracking the hurricane's movements... and will show us where it's headed in ust a couple minutes. some of our nation's monuments get damaged in tuesday's earthquakee here's a live look 3 ((ad lib meeeorologist)) you can track hurricane irene with fox45 skywatch hurricane's aaailable at foxbaltimore dot can use fox45's powerful doppler padar to track cominggstooms. go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on hurricane traccer. 3 it's our mobideal of the week! every week.. we'll bring you a deal from mobideals... which provides coupons directly to your cell phone! phone! this week's deal comes from "it's about health."get half off an "ion-cleanse detox." just go to my-mobideals-dot-commto get mobideals on your smartppone. smartphone. mobideals is a product of our parent compaay.. sinclair broadcast group. a scare for former first lady nancy reagan... reagan...((...gasping...)) ((...gasping...)) coming up... whether mrs. reagan is doing alright this morning. morning.and earthquake damage in d-c...
steve fertig has a look at your 7 day ffrecast after the break. preak. you're watching fox 5 ggod day baltimore. áá7 day forecastáá
. &pdrive.eventuully... the snake slithered off the car. meeeorrlogist steve fertig is back with a look at your forecast right after the break. break. you're watching fox 45 good day altimore. 3
-81... but do you have a favorite music vvdeo? 3 33 3 steve, did you have a favorite ? video? 3 lauree, you used to work forrmtv!!!do ell! sseaking of music... we have a chance for you to win a meet and greet with a big country st. star.find out how to win a meeting with blake shelton next! you're watching &p soon the maryland state fairgrounds will beefull of the sounds of summer. summer. faar starts oo august 26th and runs through september 5. fox45 is state fair. fair. rides, and other attrrctions pre theeconcerts. selena ggmez will perform on friday august 26th.. wwich is ox45 night at the fair. blake shhlton performs saturday september third. and "all time low" will be in concerr on sunday septtmber fourth. fourth. we're giving you a chanceeto pttend a concert.. and meet the stars. go to our faceeook page to enter for a chance to win four tickets to blake shelton's concert.. and a meet and greet with the couutry star. we're taking entries all week.. and we'll &pdraw the winner monday august 8. áá7 day forecastáá 3 ((break 8)) 3 birth control...
-trade, kindle, chuck norris facts, and an endless supply of from pan't put my phone down." i steve - get off the phone... we need o get a look at your forecast when we coom b. fox 45 good day baltimoree
.for tickets, log on to fox baltimore meteorologist steve fertig will be bbck with aaother look at your 7 day forecast. forecast. you're &ppaltimorr. áá7 day forecastáá 3 33 ((break 8))
for the new memorial on sunday. sunday.president obama is expected to attend. meteorologist steve fertig will be righ back with a look at your forecast. you'reewatching fox 45 gooddday baltimore. 3
gracey and steve fertig wwll have the very latest on the storm's path next. ((explosion nats)) nats))a ar explodes with a firefighter standing by... but that's not all... stay tuned for all the wild things caught on camera this week. wa vncioele nalatas durteisrs ec tcom,hahrea tots iv se tprcud y risetyhehere w en ortsevd et furceolagiento?s wh pie aetrontriicphs ti w ng in cy xtg p at igobes acn heonhens s t t imheofes t: -hurricane irene headed our way tracking the latest in the storm tracker weather cenner 3 ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3- it's oor mobideal of the week! every week.. we'll bring you a deal from mobideals... which provides coupons directly to your cell phone! phone! this week's deal comes from "it's about health."get half off an "ion-cleanse detox." just go to my-mobideals-dot-com tooget mobideals on your smartphone. smartphone. mobideals is a product of our parent company.. sinclair broadcast group. we are continuing to follow hurrrcane irene... here's another live look at the bahamas as irene moves thro. thr
's start with meteorologist steve fertig ... with more on how significant the storm was. 3 3 3 3 &p 3 3 irene's is no longer a tropical storm now.. but in eight states.... including one right here in maryland. queen anne's county... 85-year old anne bell was killed when a tree fell on her house... cauuing a chimney to happened outside of queenstown. and in newport nees, virginia... a young boy was him.irene uprooted the tree - out of the ground.. and planted it on the child's home. his mother waa able to escape... but barely. there is also a staggering &ppumber of maryland residents still without power this morning because of the storm. ááadlib numbersáá if you''e watching us righttnow, that means yyu have power, and more than 300-thousand custtmers are still waiting for the lights to ome back on. joel d. smith is live in perry hall with one of the morning joel d. why it's -3 patrice on our ride out here to perry hall, many intersections 3 3 you can always stay connected... even if you lose power. watch all fox45 newscasts on your celll phone.
& to aalison barnhill designs. 3&pmeteorologist steve fertig is 3 forecast right after this. thissand the very lateet n the water main break. day ballimore.
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14